Weird Internet Find of the Day.

February 23, 2010

Rosa Parks on To Tell The Truth (A game show, 1980). Nipsey Russell as a contestant. This shit actually happened. Man, America is so damn weird.


Nneka’s “Heartbeat” on David Letterman

February 15, 2010

I aint posted nothin in a while, and if anything is worthy of following the post on Little Dragon it is certainly this powerful powerful musician/singer/songwriter, Nneka. This woman’s presence in music and in the world has me feeling very motivated, inspired, and positive right now.


I love David Letterman’s comment at the end, “Now we’re getting somewhere!” and then Paul Schaffer being, “That’s my kind of music!”

I hella feel both of those comments.

I’ll probably be into her album “Concrete Jungle” for a long time to come. The album cover artwork alone is incredibly breathtaking, as it draws upon the history of the trans-atlantic slave trade and the connections between African and American life, resources, ignorance, etc. That’s what’s up.

I heart beautiful people/music,


Little Dragon Nov. 4th @ The Independent in SF

November 7, 2009

Unabashedly declaring Little Dragon as my favorite group out right now.

I haven’t really had a favorite group or a band or an artist for that matter that I have felt this much in a loooong while so it is a really big deal for me.

The homies and I went to the Little Dragon show this past Wednesday at The Independent over in Frisco and damn if it wasn’t the most spiritual experience I’ve had in a long while. It’s Friday now and I’m still on a high from the show.

Yukimi Nagano’s voice is so powerful and her stage presence and energy on the stage transforms you from spectator into participant. She jumped into the crowd and starting giggin in the middle of the audience space & got the docile folks in the middle more into it. From then it was on! At one point towards the very end of the show she damn near went horizontal in mid-air and landed face first onto the stage…and kept going! Yukimi was definitely a performer possesed on Wednesday night. I can’t say enough about the band of Erik, Frederick, and Hakan who provide a backdrop that never actually plays the background. Yukimi’s voice & all of their instrumentation together blend into an atmospheric evironment that completely envelopes the entire venue. I’m sorry, i’m not going to go back and edit, I’m just going to let myself ramble like a starstruck fan because honestly I can’t remember a time that I’ve been this excited about music or musicians, and for that I will allow myself to come across like a blabbering screaming TRL fan standing outside with a sign. I was extra juiced when somebody at the same show posted some videos of it on youtube, and that’s the reason for this post. My first post since August if anyone besides me is counting.

And the CROWD was dope as fuck as well! Easily twice as many people than the show in May. I think the band was definitely appreciative of the exuberant folks clapping, screaming, yelling, dancing, and smiling. I damn near drove down to Santa Cruz to see them at The Rio where they’re playing tonight.

Little Dragon GOES!

Test @ The Independent 11/4/09 –

After the Rain @ The Independent 11/4/09 –

Her screams hurt me soul so beautifully, ugh.

Jockin’ Hella Too Tough & Very Okay With That,


PS- Do people still write reviews of shows? Because this one definitely deserved a fuckin well thought out write up! Come on Colinrespose!…no pressure tho.

PPS- Shout out to komodoTV for posting these videos on youtube!

PPPS- Shout out to Adriel Luis for putting up Colin on this group who then put me up on them. Ugh, gotta love word of mouth.


August 21, 2009

Troubled waters…

Doesn’t seem too promising.


Dewey Cox – Beautiful Ride

July 2, 2009

I woke up with this song in my head, and this is the best I’ve felt waking up in forever so I’m posting this. The last song in one of my favorite movies (Top 5 comedies 4 me). [Skip the first 20 secs of vid, OR go ahead and watch the techno intro if you’d like]:

As I stand on the precipice of death
My perspective is enormous,


PS – Just for the fuck of it –

Let’s Duet ft. Kristen Wiig

Hella Mad I missed the ‘Cox Around America Tour’ lol.

Kristen Wiig & John C. Reilly GO!


Jamie Foxx

May 20, 2009

I want to make up a catchy stage-name for myself one day, just like the artist never known as Eric Marlon Bishop aka Jamie Foxx. I guess it’ll stay Slavename for the time being. Anyways, this video was just a little too ridiculous not to post. Jamie Foxx could read the newspaper silently to himself and it would be entertaining.

Hahhahahahahaahaha, clapclapclapclapclap, laugh some more, ahhahahaha,


The Cool 2007 Lupe Fiasco @ EMU & Collective Memory

May 19, 2009

The way our collective attention spans work these days, the rappers who remain the most relevant in public perception are either on EVERY new single out (Wayne, Kanye), getting in trouble with the law (Wayne, Kanye, T.I.), or just by being outtapocket with petty beefs (Rick Ross, 50 Cent). Now, none of these things necessesarily bother me very much at all, I just write this to make an observation about how quickly both rappers and songs become outdated and irrelevant in our collective consciousness. It’s crazy interesting to me particularly when I begin to take this same concept and apply it to real hard pressing issues affecting our communities both local and global.

The same way we dismiss rappers who haven’t leaked a new song every couple weeks is the same way so many of us in the U.S. relate to the current socio-economic and political issues we face as a people. For example, the tragedy of prolonged violence in the Middle-East is overshadowed by controversial torture procedures enforced during the Bush administration. Of course torture should be looked at closely, it’s inhumane, unspeakably fucked up and shouldn’t happen, but the amount of time the media chooses to focus on it while not telling us much of anything new about it is simply a waste of time. There’s ALL KINDS of death and fucked up shit going on right now in the Bay Area and it seems like the shit that our communities go through are just forgotten and pushed aside for the new subject du jour (of the day). The role of mass media as a central tool for propaganda and distraction can NEVER be underemphasized.

Interestingly enough, this video of Lupe Fiasco performing his song, “The Coolest,” off of his album The Cool, brought all of this to mind. Specifically because back when this album first came out Lupe was my favorite rapper by FAR and in my head nobody could top his talent at songwriting, wordplay, etc etc. But if someone had asked me who my favorite rapper in the game was yesterday he wouldn’t even have crossed my mind initially. Knowing me, I probly woulda said Young Dro or someone. But then I went back and looked at this video and was just floored again at this fool. He’s just ridiculous. I mean how long ago was 2007 really? But I’m SURE if i put together a mix to throw on at a party and it had something from Lupe’s 2007 album on it muhfuckas would definitely be giving me the stink face. It makes me check myself and my own susceptibility to being swept up into the waves of the “current” and losing touch on things that I loved (or things that affected me) but I just hadn’t thought of in a while.

(Sometimes I ramble, sorry).

Anywho, here goes the video that sparked this tangent:



PS – Shout out to DSB for checkin me and makin me do a new blog. Your turn now bruh bruh!